Dear Friends,

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for the cards, gifts, texts, and for the best “surprise” party ever! It’s still hard for me to believe that my closest friends and family were able to keep it a secret and it truly was a surprise. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness in honoring my 30th year as director. It makes me want to take a look back.  So much has changed over the years, but the need to be here has not.

I first heard about the need to start a crisis pregnancy center in the fall of 1984. I was the Associational G.A. director at the time and was attending a Mission Action Conference at South Highlands Baptist Church. God had laid the need of a center on the heart of Susan Davidson. She, along with her friend Darlene Putman, attended Seventh Street Baptist Church and were also attending this conference. They shared their desire for Bessemer to have this ministry. This is the moment that God first told me – GO, you can do this. I really wasn’t convinced I could, but I did tell them I wanted to help and gave them my phone number.

Susan and Darlene met with Wales Goebel, the founder of Sav-A-Life, and observed at the center he started on the southside of Birmingham. Meetings about community resources, location, and setting up a board of directors took place during the winter. With the newly- formed board came bylaws and applying for 501©3 nonprofit status. In February of 1985, Susan, Darlene, and myself, and four other ladies attended a 3- week counselor training at the Sav-A-Life on southside. It was during this training I came to know the plan God had for me. Sav-A-Life Bessemer, Inc. was located at 800 19th Street N. and opened its doors in March 1985!

We started out only offering free pregnancy testing, because at that time you had to go to a doctor’s office. Once word got out over the next few years, we became one of the busiest centers in the United States. In 2005, there were 1,100 CareNet centers in the U.S. Rating the busiest centers, Sav-A-Life Bessemer ranked #11 providing 1,624 pregnancy tests. The need for pregnancy testing began to decline after pregnancy tests could be bought and became more available and affordable.

We now seek opportunities to minister by offering free ultrasounds which is also key to helping girls experiencing a crisis pregnancy. It literally saves lives! We have classes for expectant parents and a long- term one-on-one parenting program. Abortion recovery assistance through bibles study and the Garden of Hope is available. For those that may have forgotten, we still do presentations for students and their parents on abstinence, along with “Decisions, Choices, and Options” .

As I was writing this, I was interrupted to speak with a family.  Patty just did an ultrasound on a girl that is 33 weeks pregnant and hasn’t seen a doctor. She has had some serious health issues, but has no desire to parent and wants to place for adoption. The family members have differing opinions and concerns and are dealing with personal hurts of their own.  Needless to say, it was a long, emotional, draining session. Before coming back to work on this newsletter, I told the workers that we may not see as many girls as we used to, but, WOW! We seem to see girls that are dealing with so many more difficulties.

I began serving at Sav-A-Life Bessemer in 1985 as a volunteer counselor, which is where I knew God had called me. But after three directors,  I felt God literally pushed me to be the director in October 1987. I didn’t want to stay out of the counseling room. Well, that hasn’t changed, as you probably can tell; I still get to talk to the girls. The most important part of this ministry that has not changed is that every number you see was someone that was presented the gospel of Christ. Words cannot express what an honor it is to serve Christ here at Sav-A-Life Bessemer!!!                                                                                                 

Serving Him,

LIFE 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pleasant Ridge Baptist FLC

Kick-off Brunch for liaisons
Saturday, January 13th


Plans are being made for our annual Walk for Life! Enjoy the holidays and then make plans to participate. Most of our operating budget is raised at this event, and we need to have a big one! We appreciate those that choose to support God’s work in our community, so we want to make this a special day!

This is how you can be a part of Walk for Life 2018:

  • Pray! Pray we have lots of walkers & for His guidance in all the planning.
  • Check our website at the end of the year. MinistrySync will be set up.
  • Set up your personal walk page that can be sent over social media.
  • Does your church have a liaison? We need one from every church to attend the kick-off brunch to pick up promotional resources on January 13th at 10:30 at the center.
  • Early registration will be held on Friday, February 9 from 4:00 to 7:00.
  • Registration will begin at 8:45 on Saturday morning and we will walk at 10:30 and return to gym for the rally. For every $150 raised you can get a walk t-shirt! Everyone turning in sponsor form will receive a badge. The badges will allow walkers to register for door prize baskets and enjoy fresh doughnuts before the walk. We are not having lunch; instead, it’s donuts and coffee -new this year. Prior to walking that morning there will be face painting, balloon man, selfie stations and a bounce house. The rally will include puppet show and prizes! We will reward top walkers for children, teen, adults, family, and overall. We will recognize the top church. Will it be Bellview Baptist again? Several best sign winners, along with door prizes and more.
    Plans are being made for our annual Walk for Life! Enjoy the holidays and then make plans to participate. Most of our operating budget is raised at this event, and we need to have a big one! We appreciate those that choose to support God’s work in our community, so we want to make this a special day!



We only have 1 full-time and 3 part-time paid employees. We are seeking someone to fill one of our part-time positions: the nurse manager. Patty Downing is our first nurse manager and has done an excellent job setting up and overseeing our medical ministry. We are thrilled that she will continue to do ultrasounds at the center, but will be retiring to have more freedom to travel with husband, Jim.

The nurse manager must be a follower of Christ, attend church faithfully, and have a current nursing license. She will work 2 days a week and completely oversee the medical ministry. Patty will train. If interested, call Becky at 491-2626.



Will You be PLANNING the 2018 CALENDAR for a Women’s Ministry, a Sunday School Class or any kind of MISSION work for your CHURCH?

Well, Sav-A-Life has the perfect way your group can minister to others! We offer “Preparing For Your Baby” parenting classes 4 times a year. For the clients that faithfully attend these classes we reward them with a Baby Shower. Each Baby Shower is an awesome opportunity for the clients, as well as their family, to hear “The Gospel” and to see the love of Christ in action, possibly with the help of YOUR GROUP.

This is how YOUR GROUP can help. We need groups, who can volunteer to provide the refreshments and / or the gifts for the expectant parents. All you have to do is choose the date that your group is willing to volunteer, mark it on your calendar, call our office and let Angel know and she’ll help you do the rest. Here are the Baby Shower dates: *March 1st:Tannehill Valley Baptist/Refreshments & Gifts *May 10th: Grace Life Baptist/ Refreshments & Gifts *August 23rd:__________________ *November 15th:_________________



  • Do you have 2 hours or more of free time during the weekdays?
  • Have you ALWAYS wanted to help or volunteer at Sav-A-Life but you just didn’t think you were cut out to be the “counseling type?”
  • Do you love teaching or have you ever been a teacher?
  • Do you LOVE being a parent and would love even more to share all that you have learned with a young mother-to-be?

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of these questions then we need you to seriously pray about becoming a volunteer Parenting Coach for our “EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” parenting program. With this parenting program our Parenting Coaches get to meet with a client, the same client, every week, developing a special one-on-one relationship. Some of these relationships last a few weeks and some can last 2 or more years.
With “EWYL,” of course you will be teaching the most important parts of parenting & childcare, but you will also be teaching the unconditional love of Jesus Christ through Bible devotions & studies and most importantly through your example of faithfulness.
Maybe you’re not interested in being a Parenting Coach but you know someone who needs to attend the classes. All of our classes are FREE. Just have your friend / family member call our office to register for the classes.
If you have ANY questions, PLEASE, do not hesitate to send me an email. I am also in the office on Thursdays. 491-2626.

An Abstinence Class for Parents??? Parents don’t need Abstinence classes?

They might if they need help or want encouragement in how to teach their children to stay abstinent until marriage. If you are a parent, Student Minister or Minister and would be interested in Angel coming to your church or organization and teaching a PARENTING class on Teen Abstinence, please call our center.

Memorial Gifts

In Memory of: Lee Ellen Mills Emaleen Pate
Asa Peoples Bebe Cummings
By: Clint & Myrtice Mills


Paul Cargile
By: Aunt Betty Ward


Mae McDonald
By: Bettye Moore

Jeanelle Akins
John & Jackie Wise


A Gift was presented to the Garden of Hope….
In Memory of: Madelyn Scott
By: Darren & Cindy Scott



After you have your baby…..
are your britches and tops so stretched out that they don’t fit?
Do you not want to wear clothing that has a “maternity” label?
We will be glad to take them!!!


February 10, 2018


We are associated with a national organization, Care-Net, and there are more than 1,200 Care-Net centers across the United States.  Care-Net provides us with medical and legal advice and training to equip us with accurate information to be presented in a professional manner. 


Mail: Sav-A-Life Bessemer, Inc.
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Hueytown, AL 35023

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