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Hometown Lenders 
is offering a special discount and donation package for friends of 
Sav-A-Life Bessemer.
Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by ministering to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs by offering truth, hope, and love.

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First time you have to select us as your charity, then they will send you an email, you have to confirm your charity, etc.  After that, just go to when you want to shop online and pick your store from there.
at the same time!!
*The first time you go to, you sign in with your normal Amazon password and then select "Sav-a-Life Bessemer Alabama Inc" as your organization.   Each time you shop after that, you will have a banner at the top of the page that says "Supporting: Sav-a-Life Bessemer Alabama Inc".  You register once, and then you continue to support us unless you change your charity.
Be a 
Billboard for LIFE!!!
Part of the price of purchasing this car tag in Jefferson County comes to us!
Sav-A-Life Bessemer, Inc. saw our first client in March of 1985. Since that day over 38,000 clients have come through our doors. 
Send us your pictures of clients or ultrasound models!!
Thank you to all who attended and helped with our Fall Fundraising Dinner!  

We will have information next week (Oct 6th?) on how much we made, as well as how to get  Dr. Alveda King's books (which arrived the evening after our dinner!!)
Liaison Workshop

  •   for new liaisons 
  •   for liaisons who have not been to a training workshop yet
  •   for liaisons who would like a refresher

Oct 24, 2015

 Info (what's a liaison?) & Sign up